Tuesday, 25 October 2016


woke up this morning with  really painful back,
Definitely muscular pain as it only hurts when I twist or lean to my left and when I get out of a chair or walk! Was fine at bedtime so presuming I turned over awkwardly in y sleep.
Dosed myself with paracetamol; and sitting with my back resting against a hot water bottle! Hopefully the spasm will stop soon meanwhile i am taking it easy and getting on with my embroidery..
Luckily got all the washing and housework up to date yesterday so can rest up today!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Birthday card for my granddaughter

This is the birthday card I have made for my Granddaughter's 16th birthday,
No longer cute little child friendly images but cards suitable for a sophisticated young lady .LOL!
Hard to realise my eldest grandchild is a strapping young 2o year old young nan at University and all three granddaughters are in their mid to late teens.
That's when i feel my age.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

back at last!

well been a bit neglectful writing here but back now.
Weight loss still going OK and have now lost a total of 1stone 8lbs so getting there,
 Weather is now definitely autumnal and it is dark by 6,20pm and only a just over a week until the clocks go back and we get the long dark nights ! At first I quite enjoy thee lights going on early and the cosiness of it but by the time spring comes i am longing to get back to Summer Time again.I have been busy making Christmas cards as well as having several birthdays needing cards to be made and also working on  my embroidery.What would we do without Crafts to keep us busy especially in the long winter nights heading our way.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

cooler weather has arrived to stay this time?

Weather has got cooler for the last few days with really chilly mornings and nights so think we have definitely said goodbye to summer this time . Only another couple of weeks before the clocks go back and we have cold and DARK evenings!
Only just over ten weeks until Christmas! Unbelievable!

Friday, 7 October 2016

another good week.

Well was weigh in day again yesterday and another 1lb off!!! That's one and a half stone to date. It is harder to resist food now the colder weather is here and certainly not salad weather so making up for that by having loads of second veggies and less pasta and potatoes and so far so good. Still managing fruit though as it makes lovely "afters"!.
Weather has changed dramatically and it is really cold morning and evening now, all the winter crafts coming back into their own and have half my Christmas cards made and getting on well with my embroidery. Been doing my indoor walking exercise to the DVD  as I walk slowly now and when the weather is cold find it hard to keep warm walking outdoors.

Monday, 3 October 2016

A bit of a gap in my blogging as a part from doing my grocery shop on Saturday  i have been having a Crafting time doing Christmas cards and embroidery and very pleasant it was too! As good as a week away,
Now i am back having finally caught up with the neglected housework
While I have been off here Autumn has really set in and we are having cooler sunny days and very chilly nights.
Have resisted putting the heating on but the knitted throw I made has been over my legs whil sitting watching the TV in the evenings and I have been enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while reading in bed!
The autumn colours are really coming in now and if the high winds hold off for a few weeks we are going to have a lovely fiery display this year.I really do love Autumn which makes sucjh a spectacular end to our year.