Sunday, 31 July 2016

That;s better

Well finally managed a background! Time to stop  playing now and get on with some work! looking forward to posting regularly.

That's better

well think i am getting there but still not sussed out how to get a decorative look to the blog! Will be satisfied to post on plain sheet but may look a bit boring to the more experienced bloggers, At least have sussed out how to add photo  so you can see who you are talkng to! and have filled out the "about me" but cannot get it to sit on side of blog yet .Hopefully you can get on it if you clip on icon!

The beginning

first attempt at doing a blog so fingers crossed i get it right. Really a diary to help me with losing weight but also a way to hopefully help each other along the way. Was a successful Slimmer with a well known Club  and lost 7 stone but, after a serious fracture of my thigh where I smashed the head of the femur and was in hospital and then nursing home for 7 months and bedridden for the first two, the weight slowly crept back and as I am now more immobile where as before as a non-driver /I walked everywhere I am finding it hard to lose,  2 weeks ago I gave myself a strong talking to and it is so far working. Five pounds gone in two weeks with I hope many more to follow, Pleased to hear from you if you are fighting the weight nd hoepfully we cab bounce ideas and encouragement between us.