Thursday, 24 November 2016

a long gap since last on here as have been busy with Christmas Crafts and getting presents sorted.Mince pies all baked and in freezer and decorations and lights all checked ready to be put up later. Really love Christmas and it really brings out the child in me!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A mild tuesday

We have had a few warmer days and today really mild and even turned the heating off
Mind you we are to get really cold conditions by the end of the week so we need to make the most of today.
Well into thoughts of Christmas now and busy,busy,  busy making cards and writing present lists! Love Christmas like a big kid!
What would I like for Christmas? A nice new home either  a bungalow or a small house with stairs that would be suitable for a chairlift" Love my home but find the stairs difficult now and not suitable for a stair lift!

Monday, 7 November 2016

A lovely weekend.

Had my fur-granddaughter Tia to sleep over on Saturday as they wer all going out and we didn't want her "Home Alone" on bonfire night .
She is a beautiful affectionate dog and we both enjoyed our time together.
She came up on my bed while I had my nightly read and then off downstairs to get cosy in her bed and then when she heard me at 7,3o am she came up and jumped on the bed in snuggle mode until we both got up at 8.30amIt was lovely to have a dog around  again and made for a very enjoyable weekend..

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

November is here.

Today is the 2nd of November and the first REALLY cold day that we have had.We have had the early morning mists for several days now and the Canada Geese have arrived for thrir winter visit which inspired me to writr the following poem;


One Autumn  morning we awake and hear a distant sound
Of honking in the air which suddenly gets loud ,
Then through the dampness and the white
 There soon appears a magic sight
 A vee shaped flock of honking geese,announcing they are here
To spend the winter months with us till Spring should reappear.
The triumphant noise of strident call and flapping wings
An anthem to their journey ‘s end and the respite that it brings
From the dangers of that journey over dark and treacherous  seas                           
A chance to rest on waters calm and aching  wings to ease.
To fill their beaks with luscious weed and take a well earned  rest.
And when I see them back again I feel truly blessed
And know each morn and night they will pass my way again
Till at last winter’s grip will slowly begin to  wane
And then a final farewell flypast will see them on their way .
Till once again the time will come when they return to stay
 And spend next winter safe  upon our  more clement  shore
 And we will be glad to see  them  here once more.

                                                   Pam Davis copyright 2016