Sunday, 25 September 2016

A boring sunday

Glenn and Mandy's 23rd wedding anniversary today and I was hoping they might pop in for their card but they didn't so was the usual Sunday alone.Never mind soon be over! It's days like this when I so miss having a dog! they are such good company.
I am going to have a nice meal tonight.. chicken stuffed with rice and apricots and loads of second veg.. very tasty, very healthy and in my calorie allowance so all good.Then fresh strawberries and low fat creme fresh for dessert.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Autumn is officially here

It's officially -Autumn starts today! It is a lovely start to the new season. Fairly mild with lovely blue skies.
Weigh in day again today and another 1lb off that's 1 stone 5 lbs in total! I am starting to get back into clothes I haven't worn for ages.which is really encouraging
today I am going to get on with my embroidery this afternoon so a nice restful day after several busy ones getting housework up to date which got neglected when the cellulitis was meaning i had ti rest with my leg raised.Finished the course of antibiotics yesterday and pleased to say that the redness, heat and pain have disappeared and my leg is back to normal.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Good news! We have the sun back after several glomy days. A weak Autumnal sun but sun never the less.
Th garden is full of golden brown spiders all sitting in webs covered in overnight dew drops which are sparkling in the sunshine-- my favourite Season is here. Love those autumn colours and spicy scentsThe evenings are drawing in now and it is quite dark by 6pm and we need the lights on by about 6,20pm so guess Autumn is really here and Winter is on the way.
 Glenn has had his 24 hour heart monitor reading done and now has to wait for the rsults which is a bit of a tense time especially for him.Mandy and him are having a bit of a rough time healthwise at the moment.
Pray god all turns out well for them.
My best boy Ben is now back at Uni in Portsmouth and we speak most days on messenger. Exciting for him as this is his second year and so he has left Halls and is renting a house along with 4 other students.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

well the weather has changed dramatically overnight!  It is dark, dismal, and damp! think Autumn is finally here1
Today will be an indoor day with plenty of crafting going on. Glad to say did the food shop yesterday so no need to venture out today.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

well another good day.
Weigh in day and this week two pounds off!!! That is 1st 4 lbs in total and starting to  get back into clothes that were too tight before!
Another reason to be happy antibiotics are kicking in and my cellulitus is no longing burning hot to the touch and the redness is starting to fade.
Last day of our mini heatwave today and from this evening we are to have showers and daytime temps of 17C to 19C. so guess we are starting to get into our Autumn as days are definately getting shorter and nights longer.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

thanks a bunch mossie!

Well i had company in bed Saturday--- a Mosquita and woke up covered in bites! A group of 6 on my gammy leg which got huge and then on Monday evening my whole leg was hot,and red so of for emergency Docs appointment on Tuesday morning, Diagnosis as expected the bites had triggered of a recurrence of the cellulitis! So back home with a prescription of antibiotics and instructions to carry on as normal but keep y leg raised when sitting.
On a brighter note Mandy came out of hospital on Monday evening and appears to be doing well.Has to go back for a scan in 6 to 8 weeks to make sure all is well.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Another one bites the dust!

weigh in day today and despite all the worry over the last few weeks about family health I have managed to overcome my tendency to "comfort eat",( just an excuse for lack of will power really), and am pleased to announce the loss of another pound. I know my progress is slow but I cannot not be so active now so as long as I get a loss or at least stay the same for a week i am happy!
The weather has returned to an Indian Summer of warm sunny days although has been a little humid for the past few days so maybe we will get that longer transition into winter via a colourful Autumn!
 the housemartins are still with us  but the Canada Geese haven't arrived on the local fishing pits yet although my Canadian friend has reported seeing large flocks of them flying off.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Mandys progress

well Mandy went down for an exploratory op yesterday and they removed a cyst. She then spent yesterday and this morning in ICU wired up with various tubes but today she is more comfortable and the tubes have all been removed and they are moving her to a general ward so we are all very relieved.
Has been a worrying few days but the outcome appears to be good thank goodness.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Not a good weekend

Wasn't a good weekend for the Davis family as my daughter in law Mandy was taken into hosptal with a severe kidney infection. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in today but she will be in hosital for at least 48 hours and then be on complete bed rest for a further week.Luckily my son Glenn works from home so will be able to look after her.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

a happy saturday

At last we have a lovely gentle continuous rain and the gardens are loving it!
This morning we went early to do a grocery shop as we had to drop my grandson off to work,He is at University and working at Mcdonalds during the summer break to get some much needed cash!
This mean't we had a short ride through the country lanes and the profusion of brightly coloured berries was beautiful especially when they were surrounded by the feathery seedheads of the old man's beard and the corn fields, not yet harvested, were a sea of gold with a few late poppies giving a splash of colour.
 As we had an early start my son Glenn, my granddaughter Jade  and myself had an alfresco breakfast at  Costa and it was lovely sitting in the sunshine ( rain didn't arrive until 5pm), eating and chatting and watching the world go by.

Thursday, 1 September 2016


Well the first day of September today and  weigh in day  and another 2lbs off!  So a good start to the new month.Have been combining calorie counting and the Mediterranean diet  in order to help my heart condition and lose weight and it seems to be helping as feeling better.and lost more weight.
My super market trolley seems full of fruit, veg, salad and fish these days with not a an individual cheesecake or any  biscuits in sight.
Energy levels are rising too which is helping both the weight loss and my legs so  keeping to this way of eating just replacing some of the salad meals with wholemeal pasta meals as the weather gets colder.