Sunday, 26 February 2017

i do not often take to Facebook to express my views so fully but i am sick and tired of being called a bigoted racist even by those who know me best and I find if I try to hold a conversation to explain them I am just shouted down without being given the courtesy of being listened to.
So my views are ;
I do not care what colour your skin is, what Country you come from,what your culture is or what religion you follow, if you come here willing to integrate and work and contribute to this Country you are very welcome.
I will respect your right to continue to follow the culture and religion of your native land if it does not ignore the laws of this Country and I will respect your religion provided it does not preach harm or suffering being applied to any human or animal inhabitants of this planet we all share, and provided that you choose to accept that tolerance is a two way thing and do not try to force your ways
upon us.
I would be glad to see you having the same benefits applied to you as our native citizens once you are working and are therefore contributing to our Country's economy BUT please do not see it as your right to step on our shores and get the same full Social.and Financial Benefits as those who have lived and worked here for years and in many cases generations and have paid into the the Country through their labour and their taxes and National Health Contributions... that would just not be fair.
Tolerance only works if it is a two way thing so if you want tolerance please realise that you have to be tolerant as well.
If you have read this far i hope you now realise that I am neither bigotted or racistbut but whether or not you have changed your opinion of me I will end this post by saying the words with which Dave Allen always ended his act: may YOUR God go with you
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Thursday, 16 February 2017

 A breath of spring today- sunny and a lot warmer. The bowl of Tete a Tete daffs I bought are now flowering and bringing the spring indoors.. cheery little flowers and so dainty.
Cannot wait for Spring to finally arrive  although the evenings are already drawing out so hopefully the long dark winter days will soon be behind us.
Today I am going to get the housework done quickly and spend some time on my embroidery. It is a small tablecloth and has a lot of small fine stitch-work on it so is taking quite a while to do, but is a lovely design of corn, poppies and wild flowers

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Where has the time gone? Not managed to write on here for ages, Been busy card-making, sewing  and reading! Been a funny old winter that although cold and wet at times has not thrown any real snow at as although  we seem to have had more misty morning and on occasion foggy ones. Days are slowly getting longer and hopefully we will get an early Spring. The dampness of the season has made my bad leg very painful at times although I try to ignore it and keep quiet about it. frustrates me that I cannot take long walks like I used to but apart from the pain it is tiring lifting a leg that is numb and muscle and nerve damaged from knee to hip and that makes me tired and then my heart starts to complain and I get breathless.which can be frightening.
Continuing in the attempt to lose the weight which can only help and it is slowly going so that is a good thing. Harder to lose this time as before I was so much more active..
I miss being able to potter n my garden as much as I used to too. What I need is that nice little bungalow with a paved courtyard garden and a couple of raised beds to grow salad in and i could enjoy that.Ah well! Maybe !